Jealously. You can find it anywhere, even in your own self. Shocking but true. You know, truthfully, I never expected my self to feel teeny weeny bit jealous, however now, I open up and confess; I am jealous. Jealous of the girl who got the guy I like, those rich dudes and dudettes who splash their money everywhere, talented little kids who are far younger than me. Heck, I even feel jealous for my friends.

I mean, seriously, how are they so perfect and I am not. They effortlessly do stuff while I sweat out like some sweaty duckie trying to do something that isn't in her reach. or the fact that I try so hard and fail. I sucks. I tell ya right there, it sucks.

And then I realized, jealousy is good and helpful if you use it the right way.

For example, look at your perfect friends. Smart, talented and sporty. Want to be like them huh? Then work hard. Jealousy pushes you to go further but then, don't go over board. That is when it starts getting unhealthy. So to those of you who are reading this, or probably aren't, use jealousy to your advantage and make it a healthy thing, okay?

Boy, I sound like a counselor.


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