I cannot understand one thing; why change when you're just fine the way you are. Readers, let me tell you a story about a friend, let's just call that friend 'Anon'.

Anon was awesome. Anon used to tell the funniest jokes and poke fun at my Iker Casillas obsession. However, this year, Anon has changed. And not just a little, Anon changed a lot. Like Anon frog leaped from being the awesome, funny Anon I used to know to an indifferent, dumb-acting brat. Yes, brat. Not only that, Anon used to be such a genius with the best opinions I knew of. But no, Anon later thought Anon was the boss, king of the world. Anon thought people would like Anon if Anon was dumb and only talked about, lets say, disturbing stuff.

I don't understand why a person has to change to get people to like them. It's a stupid act and I suggest if you want to change or changed for people to like you, go listen to Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars.

That's all.


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