Where are the reds?

Okay, I watched Liverpool v Sunderland and I couldn't help but cry in my head loads of times. I mean, there were loads of opportunities where the Reds could have scored. Take for example two goal attempts from Daniel Agger. Especially at the end, where he kicked it just too high before the game ended. When it missed, I fell. And so did my heart. Okay, I'm being a bit dramatic. Still.At the opening, I was already convinced, "LIVERPOOL WILL WIN" when Dirk Kuyt scored. Then, Poulsen got a handball in the penalty area and I was already praying "Oh gosh, Pepe Reina, work your magic" but Bent scored. Crack. Crack. Break. Sad.And today, in the Sunday Times, they had a whole page on the Reds, titled 'RED ALERT'. So, reading the paragraph about the trouble finding an owner, i immediately thought, "WHY AM I 13?" then, "If I had a company..." and then, "OH GOSH, I need to set up company!". But, right, I'm too young. Sadly. I wish I could own Liverpool FC and maybe one problem will be over. They also mentioned about Steven Gerrard not being surrounded by the right players. I mean, Xabi Alonso left, Javier Mascherano too and Torres got injured during the world cup and is still recovering, although he is playing. And, Gerrard is my favourite Liverpool player. I mean, the consistency and personality shows in his play. Plus, he is terrific being the one who scored twice against Untied and once against Sunderland.
They also mentioned about Hodgson not being the right one for the club. Guess it's a bit too early to be saying all this but, reading the past Liverpool achievements, this season really stinks. No offence. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Liverpool must beat Blackpool. And they must go to the Top 4, where they are supposed to be, not Manchester City (I'm sorry, I don't really like City).

We Love You Liverpool, We DO.
Oh and another one is the shocking defeat of Chelsea by City. Oh god, I though I was gonna cry. I mean, I like Chelsea too but, Liverpool is always no. 1 for me.Plus, it was City who beat them. CITY! If it was United, I don't mind, after all, Berbatov's shape is brilliant (Proven during the United game against the Reds). The Gunners also were defeated by West Brom. WEST BROM. Seriously, the time Almunia fouled a player causing a penalty, I was thinking, "WHY CAN'T IT BE A RED CARD?". Oh well, Almunia didn't really play that well. Not his best. And, Wenger was practically not so calm anymore. Sadly.

Guess the games end quite sadly yesterday.

P/S: Did you see when Carragher ran to the pitch only to be stopped by officials for not wearing his shirt?


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